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Skin Cancer

Warning: Clicking an image on this page will reveal a graphic image of the patient before reconstructive surgery.

In the sunbelt region we enjoy sports, recreation and working outdoors. Years of sun exposure, however, can take its toll on our  skin leading to wrinkles, or even worse, skin cancer. Dr. Orten's training in surgical oncology, as well as, plastic and reconstructive surgery well suites him for diagnosing, treating, and reconstructing patients with skin malignancies.

Most skin cancers occur on the face, head or neck since these areas are more often exposed to the sun. However, skin cancer may occur on any area of the body. If you have a skin sore, ulcer, or lesion which does not heal in 3-4 weeks it should be evaluated. Moles which are changing or growing should also be evaluated. Skin cancers which are recognized early are much easier to treat and complete cures are most often the result. Please call our office for an appointment.